Sacred Flesh

"But this dark is deep: now I warm you with my blood, listen to this flesh. It is far truer than poems." -- Marina Tsvetaya


Writing for thee Dark Side

Writers Needed For Mystic Witch

Proclaimed by: Mistress Ravenfyre
Proclaimed from: Sacramento, California


All types of writers are asked to join our staff at Mystic Witch. This is a volunteer position and hoping to paid within the next 6 months.

If you would like to write on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis for a site that allows all occult topics to be viewed then our site is what you are looking for.

No experience needed. A strong desire to have your views, stories, poetry or anything else printed is all that it takes.

All written works are published in a monthly publication for the writers to have a hard copy of all articles.

We are looking for those that have an interest in the darker side of the occult to fill an empty space. Here are a few of the spaces available to writers:

Darker Side of the Occult
Faerie Magick

For more info contact Mistress Ravenfyre


Telephone: (916) 8211143