Sacred Flesh

"But this dark is deep: now I warm you with my blood, listen to this flesh. It is far truer than poems." -- Marina Tsvetaya


Go Goddess Girls!

Every girl is a goddess!

That means you, your sister, or even those girls you can't stand! That's because the ancient goddesses were all different... each had a particular strength or power she was famous for.
Athena was the goddess of wisdom,
Aphrodite the goddess of love,
and Diana the goddess of courage!

So, what do they have to do with girls today?

Today's Athena... is the brainiac in your class that all the teachers love! Her nose is usually stuck in a book, but when it comes to figuring something out or making something happen she is your girl! Definitely destined to be the first female president, the Athena types will have an impact on the world.

Today's Aphrodite... is the girl that other girls wanna be like and the boys wanna date. A trendsetter with fashion and a social butterfly, she has an inner glow that attracts others. Headed for Hollywood and the red carpet, you know that the face of an Aphrodite type will be on the cover of a magazine some day.

Today's Diana... is the athlete with the adventurous spirit who believes that she can do anything! Generally, the captain and the star player of all of the teams, she has a confident but relaxed kind of style.Bound for success whether on the basketball court or eventually in the corporate world, the determination of the Diana types will keep her on the winning team.

Learning about the goddesses helps us to get to know ourselves better! Play the game or read the book to find out which goddess you are most like.