Sacred Flesh

"But this dark is deep: now I warm you with my blood, listen to this flesh. It is far truer than poems." -- Marina Tsvetaya


Barefoot, Earth-Loving Goddesses at Her Temple!

The Goddess of The Wild
Let the wild rumpus begin! Let the amazon string her bow. Let the dancer begin her spiral and the singer her song. Seek her in places far away and unexpected to find but try not to tie her down, for all you will reap are severed cords.

Ripple and India
The Fairie Folk
Beware the games of fairies. Beware the pranks of leprechauns. Laughter ringing out in a meadowy glade with no source to find. Tiny foot prints on virgin snow. Such is the spirit of the ever playful who walk between the worlds in the land of Fairie.

The Goddess of The Wheel
Lady of the great wheel. Of the turnings and changings. The rise of the tides and the dawning of seasons. She is the lady of time, ever changing, and yet constant as the sunrise.

The Goddess of Orchards
The scent of freshly tilled earth and wild spices. The bounty of things that grow and flowers that bloom. To bring fertile life from barren soil is the gift of this goddess.

The Goddess of Charity
If you seek a kind hand when your troubles bring you low, seek this goddess. If you seek a kind smile on a miserable day, or a gentle laugh to sooth your tears, seek this goddess.

Summer Flame
Balmy nights with tropical breezes cooling the heat of the day. Such is the beauty of June. With hints of mystery intertwined with the familiar comfort of an old friend, her spirit both surrounds and holds you.

The Goddess of Dreams
She moves with natural balance and harmony, bringing life and energy to all she touches. Her smile brings kindred spirits to their awakening and lulls those in distress to peaceful dreams, she is kindness and friendship, she is mystery and wonder, she is the familiar feeling, that we have been her before and that we are home

The Horned Maiden
She is the huntress of the hunters, a protector of the horned and the clawed, a goddess of the inner battle to change the self as well as the outer battle to change the world. Inner strength comes from time and wisdom, from understanding and compassion. These are the waters that flow through Astarte and give energy to her causes.

The Goddess of Flowers
Sunlight streams down from the sky to feed her and rain falls to give her strength. She is the beauty that blooms and blossoms with the circle of time and fills the hearts of the young with delight and the old with wistful memory. Lay in her bed and awake to the sound of fairie folk playing and magick crackling, such is the Goddess

The Goddess of the Sky
Grace and Elegance seem to shine through her eyes and her smile, beautiful by any standards, her natural energy is Child like and bright. Living in harmony with herself and her surroundings Selkie seems to me a lady more of dream then reality, as though one can scarcely believe she is of flesh.

The Goddess of Adventure
Hippie earth child, gothic beauty, punk rebel and classical muse. She is the playful creature of living and being, of exploring all there is in life and the endless realms of fantasy. All the world is a stage, endless plays, concerts and adventures are written for life to perform. Helga wants to be in each and every one of them

The Goddess of The Sea
There is a depth, unknown on land. Deeper by far then the highest mountain is tall, silent and quiet one moment, and raging with destructive power the next. It is the endless void in which the norse sent their dead to rest. The primordial soup from which all life sprang. She is the end and the beginning of us all, Mother Ocean. Salix is like that first look at the ocean. You fall in love with the beauty and the awe inspiring power. Whenever we grow saddened by the cruelty of humanity, we can take hope and remember that people such as this walk the earth

The Goddess of Rains and Mists
Gentle and Nourishing or Wild and Driving. She is the primal energy that feeds life and cleans the air. She is drank, fresh from the goblet of a cupped leaf and pure as the air she passes through. If there is one who is kin to this element it is her

The Warrior Goddess
Shilo is a spirit strong of focus and of honor, her commitment to what she believes in and to truth inspire those around her and those whom she meets.
Her movements are sure and purposeful and her words solid and real, she is the element of fire, the forging of iron

Goddess of the Winds
There is a feeling we get when the winds suddenly change, when the air gains weight and it feels like the world is taking a breath. Thats the way it feels when Storm settles her eyes on you. Playful like a warm breeze or all powerful like a strong wind coming off the ocean, she is movement and power.

The Magick Goddess
She of the arcane and the mysterious, of the beautiful and the awe inspiring. The wellspring of wonder from which the faerie folk come and the unseen creatures of the veil draw their breath, such is Athena
Although Hippie Goddess typically celebrates the unshaven, Athena's natural spirit, amazing energy and beauty more then made up for her shaving!
Moving like a spirit with the moss covered tree's and stones of the forest she seem's as much at home with the earth as anyone we have ever met, truly a magick spirit

Goddess of the Moon
She pull at the spirit like the moon puling the tides, she is kindness and mystery, pale cool light shines around her and rainbow aura's dance in circles, She is the familiar friend and the mysterious goddess all at once, she is the waxing and waning flowing energy of spirit that like a song carries us on whimsy and inspiration as we follow it.

Steam Cloud
Goddess of the Lake
A Careful traveler and seeker of spirits kin to her, a child of the earth and the sea her inner beauty and strength shine through her eyes. She is the axis on which others depend and the core from which others build, playful and light she is nonetheless always alert and always aware

Goddess of Innocence
On this earth we promise she is indeed over 18! But in the worlds of the Goddess she is the childlike wonder and youthful magick that lives within us all. She is the sprite and the leprechaun playing pranks and laughing in tinkling musical melody. She is the hope of life

Goddess of Voice
From the soft whisper of the mother to her child to the shouting triumph of life's victories it is words that most define a people. It is the gift of forming those words into poetry and song that inspire and enlighten us. Blessed is she who masters words and the speaking of them. More then an art, but a passion.

Goddess of Laughter
That tinkling giggle of the faerie as it drifts on a warm breeze through the moss covered trees. Such is the beauty of Dawn. A playful sprite whose magick you want to capture and hold but whose weaving, dancing energy always eludes you. She is the sunshine coming to play in the dappled leaves and flutters in a playful wind.

Spring Goddess
One of those rare blends of sensible and childlike, of faerie folk and sage, Iris moves in and out of many worlds with ease I think, becoming a myriad of things to different people while retaining herself and her own defined spirit

The Goddess of the Dance
Dancing, laughing, smiling heart radiating like a bright summer sun setting in warm glows of deep crimson and royal shades of purple and gold. Never the foolish heart, yet never the sitting stone who glides through this world exploring its wonders while brightening each corner of it that she touches. She is the song thats on the wind, and the voices of the moon

Goddess of Fate
There are some things we are not meant to know, some threads of the weave best not touched by the hands of woman or man mortal. It is the unknown and mysterious that finds its home in her spirit. The light and gentle understanding that shine beside it. Be not fooled by the calm ice, for below its thin crust the river is fast and strong

Goddess of Ice
It is not the cold beauty of the uncaring or the unkind, no. It is the perfect beauty of the ancient glacier and the thrilling chill of the frosty wind whipping through your soul. She is classic and modern all at once. Perfection made from living stone whose cool crisp touch awakens a quickening in all it brushes. She is the depth and the mystery of the endless Ice

Goddess of Freedom
Let the world tell you who you should be and you give up a piece of who you are. Dare to be real and to be free and you begin to shine. Baloo Shines with the freedom of being herself, of the mold being made just for her and broken after her casting. She is the challenge of being yourself and of courage. She is a Goddess to those who look on her and an inspiration to those she touches.

The Sunshine Goddess
If there was a defining of this freedom we call spirit, if there was a capture of how it looked and what it felt like, its scent and its laughter it would I think look a lot like Maggie, All at once so very real and down to earth and yet astral and very mysterious, Maggie is a spirit bright to the eyes

Aphyr and Ecko
The Lady and Lord of Creation
They are the spark that forms new life from the void of magick. They are the wonder of creation and of birth. The element that forms all and to which all return. It is together that they are drawn, like the moon chasing the sun from the sky to create the sunset and then the dawn

The Goddess of the Woods
Like a dancer with the spirits and a jester with the Gods she moves in graceful flowing curves flirting with light beams and weaving the misty air around her, in all truth and with no embellishment, it is hard not to be awed by her

The Shy Goddess
Gentle and Shy, Zoe is a mix of innocence and wisdom, a growing and seeking understanding she looks at the world through many lenses and tries on many hats, she is a riddle and a mystery and seeks the same within life and spirit

Osha and Maple
The Goddess and God of Lovers
If there is a love that burns more pure and more intense then this, I have not seen its like on the earth, Childlike wisdom and grace, innocence and knowing, the erotic and the playful blend to a brilliant white light that surrounds and binds them together. Who could look on them and not be touched surely has lost sight and heart both, for even a blind man knows when the sun is shining

The Goddess of Fauns
Find me a green wood with pine and oak and I shall be home, find me a song floating on a faint breeze and I shall dance. Cast me a shadow from fire merry and I shall warm myself in it. There are some waters too deep to gaze far into, and some souls as well

The Goddess of the Hunt
Many may recognize her from our largest rival, but I think hippie goddess has captured the essence of this cult favorite in brilliant fashion, its more then the fresh girl next door innocence mixed with the huntress that shines within her, it is wind and fire, smoke and river that call out from her

The Goddess of Wanderers
Beautiful sojourner. She is innocence mixed with a knowing and wisdom that seems hidden from first view but comes out like a shining brilliant light when her eyes flash and sparkle. She seems all at once so young and yet so ancient that is it easy to imagine her jumping life to life, reality to reality as easily as she jumps train to train on a great cosmic journey

The Goddess of Shadows
The Goddess of darkness and filtering light, of dusk and of mystery. Lylyth is the cool and deep black water of a vast lake in a deep cavern. She is a timeless beauty and ever changing mystery that is what we always seek, but rarely grasp

The Goddess of Home
We have traveled so far, only to come back home. I think with Astrid all places are home, she radiates that warm comfort that embraces those who cares about and makes everything all right. That warms chilled bones and eases worried minds. She is the easy smile and friendly laugh that reminds us of our humanity, and our hope.

The Goddess of Truth
Her eyes sharp as arrows. She is the seeker of that which hides behind the layers. Forged in journeys far and wide, She has come to see that which was to be hidden. To weigh and judge in an instant what takes many of us so long to find. She is the nobility of the hawk and the elf. There is something of fairie about her, that much is certain. It is easy to imagine her walking the endless forests of worlds long past