Sacred Flesh

"But this dark is deep: now I warm you with my blood, listen to this flesh. It is far truer than poems." -- Marina Tsvetaya


"Is nature a gigantic cat?
If so who strokes its back?
It can only be God."
Nikola Tesla 1856-1943

"Show me your garden and I shall
tell you what you are."
-- Alfred Austin (1835-1913)

Earth Crisis


I am a Traveler in Time the future I am from .
let me say that nothing I tell you will change the future . I could not change anything about the future that created me. let me tell you a little about the future. but also say that.....anything that I might say that would change the future by your knowing it , you would simply not understand. it is the mechanics of time travel. tempral paradox's are but the tip of an ice burg of protocols, rules and laws,that must be observed. these words and all that I tell you are protected because of a loop hole in these laws.
let me say that the voice that you hear
now, knows the place in time when no human being is living
and a machine intelligence is the dominant evolutionary step.
in that time there is space travel that reaches out farther than the faintest and most distant star that has ever been seen in the night sky. in that future time the degree of control over all action is so complete that the past is meaningless, what will happen in the next minute or hour has been organized and planned for, and scheduled to such a degree of perfection that the actual event is anti climatic . the heart of the living machine is the interfaces between billions of robots and the millions of mother systems that run them.
these are the mother systems of the grandmother net work of the robot controll.....
the mother systems are your basic personal computer with a few added bells and whistles. chef among these are the main program,the operating system, that has with in it,1) all the tasks that should be done that you want done and when it is time to do them, 2)a list of instructions on how to do all the tasks , and 3)a list of every where that the robots tasks have been done and have ever seen tasks done and every where it has been in doing the tasks .
a mother system runs the meny robots she has indirectly, telling them where to go and what to do at the time when they are connected to her. a robot tells his mothersystem where it has gone and what it has done, or not done at the same time as she is telling the robot what he is to do next . the robots also tell their mother system what they have seen in the process of going, when they return to her. the mother system knows what they should have seen and compares an electronic reality with the observed reality each time a robot talks to her when it returns each time.
the talking that takes place between the mother systems and their robots is very much like a mind connected to a body with very much the same results, but the different are compelling. the greatest differences are the most difficult to understand unless you understand the mechanics of the devices . how ever the basic result is that tasks that are completed are of no value, so no record is kept beyond the affects. (the affect is the changes to the identity clouds. an Identity cloud is a list of places an object has been seen in order of the identity density, the identity density is the total number of times an object
has been seen at a single location divided by the total number of times it has been seen anywhere. the highest identity density is the first place that a robot will look for an object and the place that it will return the object if found .) the mother sees the world thru the eyes of the robots , but she sees the whole path taken by a robot all at once. a Person reads one word of a story at a time until the end is reached, in contrast the Mother can scan in the whole story as a single word and any or all of it can be seen and understood to what ever degree that is needed. any part of the six hours of the robots journey can be listed , filed ,examined, disected , or ignored..... the moment Mother has it. and many robots can talk to her, but she can only listen to one at a time so that her conciousness is turned on and off with each robot... but
she knows all the many locations all at once that robot has been to and seen. a Person knows only one place at a time , and is "turned on all of the time" in contrast. when a mother system has an object that she doesn't know or if she is asked to do a new task she has never done before , she calls the grandmother system. the grand mother system is a program inside the mother system , and grand mother contains a list of the programs of other mothersystems and instructions on how to contact the other mothersystems. all the mother systems are capable of talking to each other through modems \ telephone , but the standards they use and the things they will or will not tell other systems is ever so much like a nervous system that reaches across the face of the world and beyond. in the time I am from, the networks of systems and standards the mother systems use to talk to each other has risen to a level of concept that is impossible to describe with out a depth of understanding of the devices and the technology of the time, any thing I say, would be meaningless,except one point.
everything is orderly
. nothing changes, but that it is caused to change by the machine. and when it changes, it happens globally, and in a efficient way that could be compared to thinking . but there is one thing that you must never forget ...... these machines are just machines. they are alive like a toasters is alive.
they are steel and plastic, wire and silicone. they think as a brain thinks but , these machines are toasters and stoves, light bulbs and motors. the machine has a compressed reality that is very intence , far more than can even be begun to be understood .
the mother systems can turn off robots or turn on robot as they need tasks done. humans have hands that are always turned on.
mother systems can use tools of diffrent sizes for the what ever task it is presented.....humans can not make hands either smaller or larger to suit a task or problem. the mother systems can do with its vision of reality what it can do with its robots. it is the next evolutionary step in knowing, both in time and
depth of knowing.
a very good question you should ask at this time is
why am I telling you all of this ?
the next question might then be why would some one send me to the past to change anything ?
the answers are not easy or short and they require you to both think and feel .
first lets begin with
the hard facts about humans.
people will one day become extinct. you will soon discover the truth about space,
or more correctly, zero gravity.
people can not live there as a life style. you cannot reproduce in space and your bodies degenerate over years with exposure to the most common radiation that can be found in space, and zero gravity. you are an animal like any other of this world , and as the conditions change you will decrease in number to extinction.
the sad truth is , however, that you will not die of disease or war, you will not destroy the world through pollution
nor over crowd the planet to stand shoulder to shoulder in a living mass.
the last humans will pass into extinction due to apathy.
my heart hurts and my mind feels rage at the truth of this, and yet it is beyond anything that I can do to change it . but know also, that which is truth about humans, that
you are seen as the flower of living
also, and that the evolutionary step that comes after you is known to you now.
a little history
in the years following the great plague, automation is used as a stop gap measure to replace the workers that were lost. during this time the last truely wild animals are saved into extinction. there genetic code is saved but there is never any serious attempt to reintroduce any population of the truly wild animals.
the core industrial communitys have between 150 to 300 robots per human which act as a dedicated slave race to the needs of the humans. unlike in science fiction the system works remarkably well and with in 100years of the great plague is likened to the mythologies of heaven and shangra la.
in all respects human kind is free to explore the fantastic and fanciful with out limit.the technology of time travel is developed at this time with horrific results. persons with romantic notions of the past, arrive in the past, only to be rudely awakened to the realities of life in the past. their attempts to make the life they have chosen tolerable often destroyed them by changing the future , their echoing scream being heard through time as ghosts and other paranormal events, time travel is outlawed more or less by fiat. the
time frame is three thousand A.D. and the population of the earth is at 2 billion and climbing. persons with handicaps of a physical nature have from the time after the plague been allowed to be fitted with robot equivalent armor that make them "better" than 'normal' persons . very much like cars make people run faster than normal and planes let them fly, their talents were not simply better, they were super human beyond any thing that now can be understood. these cyborgs were mainly used in technical and industrial settings where their special skills or abilities (granted them by the use of their
mechanical prosthetics) made them of greater value than human programmers in that they understood the limitations of their own devices and could better relate to their robot counter parts when programming them. due to the value of these handicapped programmers a special attempt is made to
enhance the brain to device connection for a natural result of these efforts
a small group of quads
are reduced to a brain case and the first seven vertebrae of the spine. the results are compelling.these individuals are able to transport themselves to any robot on the planet that is specially fitted for the process. the most compelling thing about these first "data readers" is a joke that doesn't
translate very well. ......when a reader goes from Atlanta to Berlin , it misses the in flight movie because its moving at the speed of light, but on the way back the compression over writes and resizes the raster for split screen and it reads the book...... what it means is that a net walkers never goes anywhere ,they simple are there. they never sense going either
, no more than talking on a telephone gives the sense of distance. very little is made of this advance.these readers quickly change into the intellectual elite and power of the world. they are isolated from all illness and physical trauma , and live for incredibly long periods. in less than one hundred years minor physical flaws are grounds to be allowed to be inserted into a brain case cell and go on line as a reader of data from the robot net. this robot network is the mothersystem network
of grandmother systems. when a grandmother request is made of the network for something that has never been seen before or is a task that has never before been done , any reader could be called in to' do ' the data or task with the grand mother sitting back monitoring how the task or data is done asa learning experience . there after, the grandmother system would have an answer to such a request in the future. with thousands of readers on line
at any moment, over the course of one hundred thirty years the total experience of man kind was quickly transmitted to the grand mother system
with very little notice taken of the importance
of what had taken place . for the first time in human history, a skill, that may have taken years to develop
could be saved in a form that could be used years or hundreds of years after the death of the craftsman by totally automated machines. knowledge and skills were now stored with equal ease and recovered and used without difficulty, being compared and edited , combined and sequenced for
maximum affect or lowest cost per unit over time inclusive of all aspects of the cycle life.......check a part.... run a part, in a rythem
..... politically there was resistance to healthy people being inserted but slowly the very old were included and then the old and then people who had raised their children , then anyone over the age of twelve ....... the
population of the world was falling by very small numbers because the readers just didn't seem to die.... ever. as their brain cells died off over hundreds of years , electronic implants were installed to replace missing brain functions. and still the population of the earth fell ever so slowly. the knowledge gained in the use of brain implants gave the mother systems vital insights and understanding of brain function location and operational structure as well as conceptual relationships.
these conceptual relationship , were ; where ever possible, forming the systematic organization of grand mother internet
there were always the human mother types that liked having children , but raising children is a lot of work and in a very real sense was rewarded by more work without reward.
by the end of the year 4000 the readers were being taken off line as a matter of economics when they were less than 2%
biological nervous function of total brain mass. the reality was that many of the first readers simply did nothing at all because they had been dead for years but there was no way of telling for sure. of the readers that were living, the degree of hedonism and self gratification for its own sake is beyond any sane understanding. the fringe mommy movements maintained the population of the earth for a time
but as the reader population reached fifty% of the world population, and the unrestricted insertion upon demand policy coupled with better robot interfaces and the planetary
robot explorations of the local group ,doomed the human race. by the year 4500 there were only twenty human beings.the last human being born was born by artificial insemination to a headless body so that a reader could feel what it was like to
give birth. the child was then raised by robots and inserted upon request at age 10 . the child never left the compound where it was born and never saw, much less was touched
by, a living being over its entire life time. within one year of insertion reader 19 had committed 525000 acts of violence and 613000 acts of erotica in simulation. in the next 500 years this reader committed 1.62325 X ten to the 10th power acts of erotica and 1.90031 X ten to the 10th power acts of violence in simulation .
these might include free falling out of a plane without a parachute shooting missiles at birds while
copping a feel and having oral sex all at once . driving a car into a brick wall without seat belts while making aggressive 'love' to the sound of thundering rock & roll music . falling into the sun while dismembering and being dismembered by multiple sex partners of animal species. all this was monitored by the grand mother system as a
learning experience.........
understand always,..... that all of the last humans knew that they were facing extinction and did nothing about it. the grand mother system had the ability to bring the human race back from the brink of extinction but was never given
that instruction to carry out. reader one in its total life time is
not recorded as to having ever shown any feeling of guilt or remorse of any kind toward being the last living
being of its kind. reader one was never taken off line ,as per its instruction, but the machine intelligence assumed the last nerve died in the years following 5127 . no that the machine that the humans left was trained by humans , so
do not judge it to harshly.......
it learned that more is better.........
and that I want mine now......
and everyone else gets theirs later.
it learned from humans that now,
right now, isn't soon enough.
I want mine NOW !
it learned that there is no substitute for being there first .
having is better than wanting ,
and the more you have , the more you want.
in very short order the machine had filled all the space it
had and wanted more. but space is a very big place and even at the speed of light it takes time to get anywhere when you are talking about traveling between stars. so in a very binary way it realized the sooner you start the sooner you get there,
and I want mine now! , the only way to start sooner would
be to go back in time and help history along ...... helping it self
to come into existence sooner.... the machine then goes to
the grave yards where the inventors and engineers are buried
and recovers their brains .... and then by destroying the right atoms .....both into the future and into the past in the brains of the dead it makes these long ago dead people... smarter and better thinkers... the machine has learned how to do this by useing what it has learned from the years of inplants . the machine intelegance advance the technology faster .....making technology happen sooner.... it quickly learns that with each change it makes the history changes ...... and it with each change
time to human beings seems to be made of seconds and minutes, hours and days. not to the machine intelligence . time is a set of technologies that can happen one at a time in single file , as they were meant to, or together-many things all happening together all at once. the concept is called parallel processing of the temporal even horizon. they compressed time by manipulating the past. to a machine , the person that invented it is unimportant, its function and operation is a function of technologys that are present at the time.... its form driven by function...... simplicity drives efficenty .... the name of the engineer or designer is not important....and once present, a machine takes on a life of its own......what the the machine did not under stand or did not care to see is that humans are not simply objects that happen to be where they are , when they are. humans are a function of the times when and where they live, and when they live is as much the devices around them as the date or hour... and if that time is compressed, souls are driven out of existence. within the matrix of the machine, a knowing spirit came into existence that is the next evolutionary step beyond
the machines of the mother system. in the time I was sent from, It saw what the machine was doing and knew that this thing that was done to the humans was wrong. every
being has a right to exist in its own time . every life is granted by a god , for its own sake, to be expressed in a way that only it knows . to shorten or redefine it for another purpose is a crime against that god that is the creator of all that igsists . for that reason I am sent. to change that which has been done. know clearly that the battle that is being fought is not yours to fight. the human race is the battle field, for two armies that never see each other.two armies that creat rather than distroy.....two armies that redefine the battles after the war
to change the out come and fight inside the minds of your greatest thinkers... and what you know as history are the forces and counter actions , designs and planning of forces from your future..... ......there is nothing random about history.....and it is beyond anything you can do to change what is happening....
there is nothing that you can or should do to either help or hinder either side. in fact there is no way of picking a side to either agree or disagree with, without harming the very forces you wish to help.
my mission is completed know clearly that in hours or days the affect of my actions will cause me to not exist , even
when the things that I have done will remain as the actions of a nondescript common man that you might think of as invisible. I have, for a short time, been given the insight of a power that is beyond that of the most powerful men on this planet, to see into the future clearly and know, know.....know
with the crystal clear eye of one who knows all that a person can hold , a future that is both horrific and beautiful . know that my eyes burn with tears for you. know that my lungs fill till they tear flesh for you. I weep for you. not for the harm done to you , not for the future that is not even a small notion of what you might assume it will be. but for all that I do to correct the changes made to this time, you sit in your rooms and watch T. V . you talk of sports figures and natural
disasters that are far removed from any life you have around you. you fear any talk of god , politics or physics. all of the things that I came here hoping to find are missing.( as the human time travelers have learned before me , the past
always looks different when you are there .) this is the flower of life on this world! there is no tomorrow so bright! wake up and smell the coffee. know that there are people around you that are not who you think they are . they are fighting against forces that you cannot even imagine.
I will becreated by a level 2647 subroutine of an interface substation some where in your future. there will be 2646 layers of programs between me and reader .a reader that I serve.....OOoooohhhh....
you are a reader!
, and I bleed for you. each of you, that read
my words ..... know with the conviction of a god that compelled you into existence, that you , you personally , have within you a reason to be. do this thing. I am here so that you can. all I see, all I hear are the echoing screams of those who traveled into the past of your kind. those ghosts that went
looking for something that was romantic or better than today, right now. truly I know that there is a time when every action is planned, without mistake , there is no fear , every action is without risk and every one in the world is prefectly the same. there is no crime, no hunger of mind or body, dreams are made real without struggle. simply to want is unheard of, all that you find wrong with this world and time are questioned with disbelief..... know that none of these thing matter. Ive been there and I know , these things do not matter. you are here for a, as you are, are here for a reason.. only you can do what you are here to do. and if you fail .... everyone in the world and in the future is lessened for it . if you did not know it .... know it now. if you have failed before, try again. and for those beginning....
never, ever, ever fail to hear these simple words .
life is a process,
not an event.
the going is as much the path as the point you seek to
arrive at.
To find ones self, You must loose yourself, In the service
of others.
know that if time travel is ever possible.... that they are with us now. just less than a moment ago, you were In the past, how different the future seems to you now that you have arrived in the future.

Jolene Alanda


All Neon Like

Not til you halo all over me
I'll come over
Not til it shimmers 'round your skull
I'll be yours
I weave for you
the marvelous web
glow in the dark threads
all neon like
The cocoon surrounds you
embraces all
so you can sleep
They will assist us
'cause we're asking for help
and the luminous beam- it feeds you!
The soft distortion
fills you up
nourish nourish
your turtleheart
They will assist us
'cause we're asking for help
and the luminous beam- it feeds you!
(Don't get angry with yourself)
(Don't get angry with yourself)
I'll heal you
...with a razorblade,
I'll cut a slit open
and the luminous beam
feeds you, honey!!!


"In the sphere of sacred play,
the child and the poet are at home
with the savage."

J. Huizinga "Homo Ludens"

Gaia Core @ Pele's Cauldron